Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What is with all this Anger?

Whitaker and Schroedinger
Yesterday I was completely filled with anger and could not figure out how to dissipate it. The ninth grave Zen precept exhorts us to "Actualize harmony – Do not indulge in anger". Try as I might, it got indulged. So, as a "good Zen Buddhist," how do I handle this? I stop attaching attaching to it. Yeah, right... OK, as a garden variety human being I blame everyone else in the world for it. No, that won't work either. Um...

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Ted Biringer said...

Hello again,

Have you ever read the Recorded Sayings of Joshu?

There is a saying which I will try to quote from memory here:

(Some kind of administater) was walking with Master Joshu. A rabbit saw them coming and bolted away. The administrater asked: "You are a great Zen master. Why did the rabbit run away?"
Joshu said, "Because I like to kill!"

Hmmmm... Interesting...

Take care,