Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kittenwar! A Real Vote

Isn't this just the cutest couple of cats you've ever seen! And the pose is so great. So why wouldn't Kittenwar! take it (some bullshit about it containing a CAT, of course there's clearly a KITTEN too)? And why are my other kitten photos losing to kittens that aren't nearly so cute?

If you're looking for a great website on which to waste some time, try out kittenwar.com. No, the kittens aren't fighting (as in the photo from April which they didn't accept either). You get to vote for the cutest between a pair of photos. What a great way to get pictures for his book.

Anyway, since mine that were accepted don't seem to be doing that well in the voting (they're barely below 50/50) I've decided to go on and vote for the least cute kitten to make their dear people feel a little better. Try it (there are some pretty cute kittens there).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What is with all this Anger?

Whitaker and Schroedinger
Yesterday I was completely filled with anger and could not figure out how to dissipate it. The ninth grave Zen precept exhorts us to "Actualize harmony – Do not indulge in anger". Try as I might, it got indulged. So, as a "good Zen Buddhist," how do I handle this? I stop attaching attaching to it. Yeah, right... OK, as a garden variety human being I blame everyone else in the world for it. No, that won't work either. Um...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mettai's First Blog Entry

This is a very interesting concept: logging my thoughts and such for the whole world to see as if somehow they (a) care and (b) matter and (c) exist...

If you found your way here and don't know why... Join the club.