Friday, September 6, 2013

Whitaker: 1995 - 9/6/2013

“Whitaker’s Gift”

What are you chasing?
Is it a bit of string?
Whitaker loves to chase strings.
Shiny gold is best, but any string will do.
What she thinks when she chases strings;
Only Whitaker knows.
But she purrs and meows and I see excitement in her eyes!

In the morning she wants to play with my dental floss.
I’m usually rushing to get somewhere on time.
But, loving her and knowing her enjoyment;
I stop and play for a moment as a gift to her.
I’ve come to enjoy our morning play.
Whitaker waits patiently while I floss my teeth;
Knowing that soon the string will dance for her.
Sometimes she romps back and forth, jumps up,
Lays in wait to pounce, or feigns indifference.
But always there for her stringy.

This gift I give to Whitaker:
     Exercise and play.
How great the gift she gives to me:
     Stop, play, enjoy.
What are you chasing?
Is it a bit of string?