Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mettai's First Blog Entry

This is a very interesting concept: logging my thoughts and such for the whole world to see as if somehow they (a) care and (b) matter and (c) exist...

If you found your way here and don't know why... Join the club.


Kozan Bob said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog; since you seem to have become inspired, I thought I'd return the favor. I see your cat also likes to hang out around your zafu.

I certainly never meant to insult anyone's first Hotei; I imagine that I have just condemned myself to a kapal of negative fortune cookies. Dukkha, indeed.

Speaking of which, as I'm sure you know, having no language skills at all except in English (which skill, if you read some of the blog entries, is dubious), my rephrasing of the Four Noble Truths is certainly not a re-interpretation, but is more what filmmakers might call a re-imagining of them. The only validity of my version comes through my instantaneous and spontaneous impulse at the moment of its birth, and they were of course only valid for me, at that moment.

In fact, of course, mine are nothing more than a rephrasing -- nowhere near as out-of-left-field as Nishijima's verion, which despite the fact that he does read and interpet those dead languages, is pretty much a Hegelian dialectic. Of course I like his, too.

And since of course I make no attempt to teach Buddhism to anyone, being neither a Buddhist scholar nor a teacher, not many minds are likely to be poisoned by my version, anyway. This blog entry is way over the line I usually draw for myself, and is for entertainment purposes only, as they say on every DVD I rent.

So, how's that ragusa delivery market going? (And just out of curiousity, do they make wagesas and ragusa's in Japan, or are they imported from China? Does Wal-Mart have them?. Have fun with the new blog!

Ted Biringer said...


You wrote: "This is a very interesting concept..."

Yes! "Interesting" is the key here. Blogs are a bit strange... Yet, so is the fact the we seem to be walking (and driving, floating, flying, etc.) around on some kind of clump of minerals, which is hurtling around a giant fireball in what seems to be a vast amount of space... and we get up, go to work, do the dishes, complain about the weather, and simply carry on as if it all makes perfect sense (which it somehow does).


Thanks for the post,
Take care,

TMcG said...

Welcome to the buddhablogoshpere!