Friday, September 30, 2011

The Seduction of The Cardinals

Freshly Rained,
The smell of life in the air,
I see the cardinals on the roof.

The male – 
     brilliant red and well preened with orange beak –
     so red he almost glows. 
The female – 
     subtle hues of muted red, green, brown –
     a wonderful palette.
Watching, it is clear that they are the same and yet different –
     each with their own beauty.

They peck on the roof, likely eating insects attracted by the water.
Enthralled, I just sit and enjoy their beauty,
Life refreshing before me.

I think they have yet to mate;
I see the male occasionally fly to the female – flirtatiously offering her food,
As if to prove his ability to raise her young.

Watching them I remember fledglings of the past,
And know that there will be more to come.
I am captivated.

I just sit and watch the dance of life.
Being with their glory and courting.
Until they fly away and bring me back to myself. 

Copyright (c) April 18, 1999 Cherry Zimmer

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