Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unexpected Adventure

I-285 (that's the road running from bottom-left to top-right) is being repaved is being repaved on weekends right now and so I had to take an alternate path to my Buddhist Homiletics class at Red Clay Sangha the past two weekends. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember this fact in time to take the usual alternate. Last week I spent 15 minutes going one mile in Doraville which made late.

This morning I realized a little sooner (when I saw the sign saying that I-285 was going at 10mph) and so I took a much better alternate that had the added benefit of letting me drive on the highest bridge of the interchange known as "Spaghetti Junction". That would be the bridge closest to the bottom left corner in the picture. Look at the picture closely to realize just how huge this interchange is. Those little dots are cars and trucks.

It was really exciting. OK, so maybe I live a boring life. But actually I remember that interchange being built and have lived with it a long time, mostly going on pretty boring parts of it in terms of height and curves because of where I live. So this was oddly enough a real treat even though it has been sitting right here in my back yard.

How many more of these are just sitting here waiting? And we are being angry and pass right by because we are busy being angry about having to change our path.

Life is full of wonderful new adventures and I for one intend to start taking more of them. Life is simply too long to be so boring all the time.

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