Sunday, December 9, 2001


I received 11 of 16 Bodhisatva precepts at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center from Taiun Michael Elliston and my dharma name METTAI (滅諦) which means Cessation of Suffering (or The Third Noble Truth). I also received a Wagesa and Juzu beads as vestments of the rank of "Initiate". The Wagesa later got traded in and went to prison (but I think is free again).

The Three Treasure Refuges:
   I take refuge in BUDDHA, the fully Awakened One
   I take refuge in DHARMA, the compassionate Teachings
   I take refuge in SANGHA, the harmonious Community
Three Pure Precepts:
   First Pure Precept — not creating evil — Do no harm
   Second Pure Precept — practicing good — Do only good
   Third Pure Precept — purifying intentions — Do good for others
Five Grave Precepts:
   Affirm life — Do not kill
   Be giving — Do not take what is not freely given
   Honor the body — Do not engage in sexual misconduct
   Manifest truth — Do not speak falsely
   Proceed clearly — Do not cloud the mind with intoxicants

Did I become intoxicated here? Was I already?
So, I became a member of the community (Sangha).

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